Rjam (Real-time Java Application Monitor)

Rjam and MySql

By default, RJam (RJamCollector and RJamAnalysis) supports very basic functionality and is configured to support the Apache Derby database.

RJam can also support the MySQL database and take advantage of MySql features (such as 'events') to provide advanced functionality such partition rolling and automated maintenance of a statistical model.

To use MySQL with RJam first install MySQL then put the latest version of RJamDbMySql jar file and the MySQL JDBC driver as the first entry in the class path what starting RJamCollector and RJamAnalysis.

For example, the following class path will enable MySQL for the RJamCollector.


The binary release of RJam provides scripts ({RJam}/bin/startRjamCollector[.bat] and {RJam}/bin/startRjamAnalysisMySql[.bat]) that you can use to configure RJam to use MySQL