Defining Selection Criteria


Using the “Selection” page you can define the criteria you want to include in you reports.  In most cases, you will only need to specify the time frame and the application.  However, you can also filter the report using the Server, Class, Function (or Method), Monitor and Event Type.


Rectangular Callout: Filter by application name.

Rectangular Callout: Filter by Java class nameRectangular Callout: Filter by server name.Rectangular Callout: Add detail to the reports.Rectangular Callout: Filter by Function or Method name.Rectangular Callout: Filter by MonitorRectangular Callout: Filter by Event Type



To populate the selection fields with data, select the desired list and then select “yes”. 





Adding Detail to a report query


The detail section of the Selection page let’s you control how much (or how little) detail is included in your reports.

Rectangular Callout: Group by
Rectangular Callout: Output Fields





o   Use the “group by” and the “group every” fields to control the granularity of the query (number of data points per series).  You can group data by Seconds, Minute, Hour, Day or Month.  The “group every” field lets you ‘tweak’ the “group by” field.  For instance you may want to see data group in “15 minute” periods.

o   You can add addition fields to your reports by enabling them in the “Fields” section.

o   Use the “Field Order” dialog to control the ‘order’ of the fields.  This let’s you control the “grouping” of data sets into logical section.



Rectangular Callout: Order Server->Method Rectangular Callout: Order Method-> Server