Export Data


To export data, select the appropriate method from the “Reports” menu.



You can export data in two formats


When exporting data in CSV format, you can elect to export the data into multiple files (one for each report, this is recommended) or one file containing data for all reports.


Next select the location of the exported data (and file name if exporting to a single file). 



Select “Yes” to export the data with all dates specified as GMT.  Otherwise, all dates are in the time zone of the server when the data was collected.







Assign the report and description.  This information will appear in the summary page of the PDF report.



Next, select the desired file location and name


To avoid confusion, you should use always use .pdf or .csv as the file extension.



You may choose to export all reports or one or two select reports. 

You may also modify the order in which your reports will display in the output.



Select “OK” to complete the export.