1.    Quick Start (Run your first report)


To run your first report, select the application that you would like to work with, set the start and end times and press the “Execute Query” button.  This will populate the default reports with the last 20 minutes of data for that application.


When the analyzer starts up, the start and end dates are set to the last 20 minutes and the “Application List” is populated with all of the available applications.


To populate any of the other lists (Server, Monitor, Event Type, Class and Function), click on the list with your mouse and the analyzer will populate them with any data that is relevant to the selected application.



Rectangular Callout: Set the end date and timeRectangular Callout: Set the start date and timeRectangular Callout: Select and application from the Application
Rectangular Callout: Select “Execute Query” to 
Run your report.