Report Anatomy


The reports are intended to help understand the data by segregating data into logical groups and attempting to highlight common problem areas.  While the data in each report is different, they share a common format. 


Each report has two views, the Graph View and the Data View.


Graph View

Rectangular Callout: Navigation Tree 
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The Graph view has three major sections;





Comments are used to point out or bring attention to specific data points (mouse click on the data point and select ‘Add Comment’). 


System generated comments are designed to point out areas of know problems (such as garbage collection performance problems).


User comments are comments that you add to your own reports.  This can be very helpful to draw attention to specific data when exporting to a PDF file.


Rectangular Callout: User added general comment.Rectangular Callout: Double click to add a general comment.Rectangular Callout: System generated comments for known issues.Rectangular Callout: To add a comment to a data element, click on the element and select ‘Add Comment’.

Data View


The data view shows the raw data used to generate the report.  The data will vary by report, but here are the common columns.