When reviewing data you may see a data series that looks high.  The question is, “is this normal”?  You can use the Statistics view to find out.  To go to the Statistics view, click on a data point in the graphic view and select “Statistics” from the menu.


The Statistics view is used to plot historical data for a given hour and day of the week into a distribution by response time. It can be helpful to understand what is ‘normal’ for a given data series.  It also helps to understand the “shape’ of the distribution.  Most distributions are significantly skewed to the right.


Then select “execute Query”.  Please be patient as this may take a minute or two.

Rectangular Callout: This panel shows the historical data (according to your selection)Rectangular Callout: This panel shows the statistical distribution of all response times.Rectangular Callout: This panel shows the current day for the select hour.